David Aguirre defends his undergraduate thesis
LIA MORFUN en actividad en el Instituto de Humanidades
A 2-weeks expedition organized by the Fondap center IDEAL ( was carried out in southern Patagonia in the Magallanes Region. A first cruise was carried out in 2016 in the same study area. This campaign was designed to study the hydrographic and biogeochemical structure of the Beagle Channel and to explore the diversity and ecological structure of this system. 17 researchers and students participated in this effort. LIA MORFUN students Claudia Maturana and Angel Rain were on board along with researchers Humberto Gonzalez and Leonardo Castro. Also collaborating are researchers Carina Lange and Camila Fernandez. Biological measurements were performed at several stations in the Magallanes Strait and two glaciers systems (Yendegaia and Pia). During the cruise, two oceanographic boys were installed in order to follow temperature, oxygen ad salinity. Also, a sediment trap was installed at Yendegaia glacier that will record organic matter export for a year.





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