Dr. Veronica Molina visits the Observatorie Oceanologique de Banyuls sur Mer

New Antarctic Fondap-center at Universidad Austral
MORFUN PhD Student presentes her research at COLACMAR

Dr. Verónica Molina (LIA-MORFUN scientist from Universidad de Playa Ancha, Chile) is visiting the Observatorie Oceanologique de Banyuls sur Mer, in the frame of her collaboration with Dr. Pierre Galand.

Verónica is analysing microbial communities based on 16S rRNA gene sequences originated from MiSeq, Illumina. The microbial communities come from diverse aquatic environments, including Fjords and Microbial Mats from high altitude wetlands. During the stay Dr. Molina presented a seminar entitled: Deciphering  the dynamics of nitrifying microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems.

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